Greetings to one and all.
My name is Charles McShan.I am a Real Estate Broker at Century 21 Universal in Chicago Il.This is my first Blog and my Blog is located at website is located at The topic for this blog is the’ Winter of 2018 and it’s possible effect on homeowners.I chose this topic because 2017 was a very bad weather year for the United States.Certain parts of the country experience very Bad Hurricanes,Floods and Forest Fires that is their extreme weather.Here in our neck of the woods are extreme weather occurs in the Wintertime..Granted this winter has been harsher on cities like Boston and Buffalo than our area but in early January we had a very cold spot.When the temperature drops below freezing the local water departments are very busy fixing and replacing broken water pipes day and night.They do this because water is the life source.We need clean safe water for our home useage.So once the water is delivered to the home it is the Homeowner or Landlord responsibility to keep the water flowing and with that we come now to the main subject.Frozen water pipes in the home
As I write this Blog the Philadelphia Eagles have just won the Super Bowl and we in the Northern part of America are undergoing another Cold wave of Arctic air.Plumbers have told me stories of frozen water pipes.They say that water expands as it freezes.This put great pressure on the pipes and if they burst they can cost a lot of property damage.Here in Chicago there are a lot of 3 story or more apartment buildings that the water pipes for the kitchen are placed on the exterior wall and they are prone to freezing up.Other areas where pipes are prone to freezing are pipes located in closed cabinet areas, crawl spaces attics and of course the out door areas.In
regards to the outdoor areas they should have been drain of water long ago and if they are frozen you can wait until later.
Now to keep your pipes from freezing there are many options.The first method is a Chicago tradition.When it is 10 degrees or less turn on the faucet in the kitchen and bath rooms on and let them run at a trickle.Some people say that it works some people say that it does not.Also open the kitchen and bath room cabinets to let warm air circulate to the pipes and for you Landlords out there some of you do not like to give your tenants a lot of heat.Some only warm the units to stay in compliance with city codes.In that case you must make a decision Increase your budget a little more by keeping the heat on or break your budget when your pipes burst and you have a huge repair bill.
Now if a particular section of pipe does freeze if you can get to that section try to warm it up with either a hair dryer or space heater.Please for your safety and every one else in the home do not use and open flame device.Once the water starts melting the water will soon start flowing thru the pipes again Here is a link that deals with frozen pipes.Feel free to use it and always contact a license Professional for the best advice.Remember to keep your eye on the weather report.We need to maintain our safe drinking supply and the way it is delivered to our home must be protected.
So in conclusion other parts of the country get there extreme weather in the Summer and Fall we get ours mainly in the Winter and if we prepare we can endure the cold and keep our hot and cold water flowing.Once again I want to thank you for reading my first blog.Hopefully I will get better as I go along.I plan to talk about many topics in regards to The Home and it’s surrounding areas
Real Estate topics Neighborhood and Community events and of course Chicago.So please find a seat and be comfortable.This train is just leaving the station.Take care for now and please let me hear from you.
Charles McShan