Greetings Everyone This is Charles McShan Now you might be asking yourself what deadly dangers lurks over our heads in the Wintertime.If it has snow heavily in your area lately and the temperature is now above the freezing mark then all you have to do is look up and you will see the danger.Did you look up? Are they there? What am I talking about? I am talking about Icicles.If they are there there could any of them waiting to crash down to the ground.I know personally. Two weeks ago in Chicago after our last cold spell I was driving downtown when I heard a thud.I looked out my rear view mirror thinking someone had rear ended me and the thud happen again.I looked around and people outside were running for cover.The thuds were from Icicles crashing down from the skyscraper’s roof and ledge area.That was not just happening at that building but was it was happening all over the Downtown area. There were warning signs out all over warning of falling ice.This week the mild weather is continuing in Chicago on the East Coast are going thru there one Nor’Easter weather pattern after another one and These storms have belted the area with Rain,Snow and yes Ice formation. Icicles are formed when the snow on the roof begins to melt due to the rising heat with in the structures.The snow turns to water and then flows out ward to the edges of the roof and the water refreezes.The excess water flows over the edge and that starts the dripping and the Icicle increases in length and weight.This is exactly what happen to me 2 weeks ago at my home after the storm.The Icicles were beautiful to look at.They were dripping and they were heavy.I looked at them then proceeded down my steps to the garage when a huge piece of ice broke off and crash down to the ground where I was seconds earlier.That was when I realized that those Ice formations above were a Danger to everyone on the ground below.I got my ice pick and shovel and broke them until they all fell down.Now everyone in my complex would be safe.I would not advise everyone to do what I did but if you can safely break the Icicles then please do it Outside of the home the weight of Ice can bring down Power lines and Black out entire areas.They can bring down Gutters, damage roofs and cause many forms of Property damage.In regards to Downtown skyscrapers,the owners will hire Professionals to clear the ice if they can.If not then they have to situation play out .A detached Icicle falling from a 40 story building could be falling at speeds of 80mph. That force hitting the concrete is very powerful and loud.That same force hitting a human being could be deadly.People in Chicago and elsewhere have been injured and some have died due to Icicle strikes from above.So they put out warning signs,they tape off areas and if the situation becomes really dangerous the police will block off the entire area including the street. Here is a link to article going into more detail on the subject of Icicles. Please check it out. So after a cold spell pay attention to your surroundings.Please observe the warning signs indicating falling ice.Icicles are a beautiful sight to see but Icicles are a deadly danger lurking over our heads just waiting to fall. So be on your guard. So until the next time Take Care Charles McShan

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