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This is Charles McShan from Century 21 Universal Real Estate in Chicago Ill.                                                                                                          Welcome again to my blog post of cmacakachicacagolandrealtor.com.I am sorry that it took a long to get this second blog out but here it is. This blog post deals with the Neighborhood of East Rogers Park in Chicago Illinois. My first major blog was about life in the West Ridge area of Chicago.Both areas are on the Far North side of the city. I wanted to talk about Rogers Park because when I made the decision to move from the Southside to the North I chose this area. I was born in the Kenwood area of Chicago, I was raised in the Englewood area an stayed there until in the late 1980s. I moved into the East Rogers Park area because I wanted to live close by the Lake. I remember that time well, State Senator Harold Washington was running for mayor an I was really engaged in his election. The street I moved onto was close to the CTA  elevated tracks. You see Rogers Park was back then and still is now short of on-street parking. Sometimes if you found a spot it was wise to leave your car there and take Public transit. The truth of the matter is that I grew up on the CTA, I loved riding the CTA  Elevated/Subway trains and buses. If you have visited my Pinterest account located  www.pinterest .com/cmac2121/ you will know that among other hobbies I am a Railroad fan. I grew up when Railroads owned there on Passengers trains and as a child/teenager I rode a lot of Passenger trains along with riding  Greyhound buses all over America. I am also a Rapid Transit Railfan. When traveling to other Major cities I would ride there local rapid transit my 2 favorite transit agencies are Chicago, of course, being number 1 and  New York city or MTA being number 2. My Pinterest account is the scrapbook of my life, my interests. Check it out!  Now, going back to my Rogers Park apartment I could look out my kitchen window and see not the Redline today but the Englewood A,  Jackson Park B  trains along with the Evanston Express, which is now called the Purple line.  The average person does not know the model numbers of elevated trains but to CTA train bluffs or CTA employes the train models were the 4000’s,6000’s, 2000’s,2200’s and the 2400s,Those train models are long gone, the 2600,s are the oldest CTA models still riding the rails today along with newer models. Those trains were a very important part of my everyday life in Rogers Park, that was how I got around when I did not want to lose my parking space but enough of the history lesson. Let’s come back to the here and now.

    Today in 2019, Rogers Park is still a thriving area. Located on the far North side of Chicago. The boundaries are Devon Ave.to the South, Ridge Ave. to the West, Howard Ave for the most part to the North and the Shoreline of Lake Michigan to the East. Historically East Rogers Park once a separate town which at that time bordered the Town of West Ridge. Well, back then both towns got into a dispute called the Cabbage war but in the end, both communities benefited. West Ridge developed many park areas and Rogers Park got the street they wanted out of the deal and that Street was Sheridan Road. More on this important street later, but in time both areas were annexed into the city of Chicago. A  lot of people today still call the West Ridge Area West Rogers Park. Ridge Ave divides both areas. What was that Cabbage war that divided the 2 areas? If you are a Historical bluff and you really want to know then  Go to you tube.com  type in curious city: the cabbage war of Rogers Park and West Ridge and check it out.

In my first blog of the West Ridge area, we took an imaginary ride on the CTA 155 Devon Ave bus. The West Ridge official Eastern Border is Ridge Ave.  When you cross to the street East side of Ridge on Devon you are officially in Rogers Park. The Southside of Devon Ave.offically starts the Edgewater Neighborhood.On the North side of Devon, The Rogers Park area first complex is the spawling Industrial complex named S & C Electronics. This company stretches from Devon Ave all the way North to Pratt Blvd. They are a global provider of equipment for electrical power systems. You will see Tractor trailers trucks of all types coming and going from this place an that is important because if  you see a truck is pulling a high clearance trailer Eastbound on Devon and that truck does not turn left into the factory complex it will smash into the Metra tracks  viaduct and which is no higher than 12’10.Any Profesional truck driver will know this but others will probably not know it. so as a Neighborhood specialist it is my duty to inform anyone driving a truck higher than 12’10 that you can not enter Rogers Park with a high trailer driving it Eastbound on Devon, Peterson or  Touhy Ave.You must approach the area from the South mainly using Ashland Ave. If you must travel East of Ashland or Clark st you will have to go under the CTA elevated tracks and their clearance are even lower so you will have to use a low clearance truck so plan your route accordingly.                                                                    Now back to our journey, traveling Eastbound on Devon ave.you will see that Devon Ave and Ridge Blvd. separates the Rogers Park area to the North from the Edgewater Neighborhood to the South. We now are coming to the Intersection of Devon and Clark St. At or near this Intersection you will find 2 popular Bars. Their names are Dino and Touche. Across the street is the Cozy Corner Restaurant which is known for there Breakfast and Lunch specials. Across the street is the Clark and Devon Hardware store. This Hardware store has been serving the community long before Home Depot or Lowes came into the city. Just North of this store is the 24th Police District station and across from the Station is the CTA bus terminal for the 36 Broadway and the 151 Sheridan Ave bus Routes. Continuing Eastward on Devon Ave. we will find businesses such as Daycare, the Devon Market, Oak Street  Health, The Cilantro Thai Kitchen, and The Uncommon ground Restaurant. There are also 2 Businesses I would like to give a special mention. They are being operated by 2 young entrepreneurs. One business is in operation the other is on the verge of opening.  They are 1: Chicago Health Mart Pharmacy located 1404 W.Devon owned and operated by Josh Borer. 2. Mereyen City Driving Lessons located at 1414 W.Devon St. is owned and operated by Jeremiah Kebede. Here you can learn the proper and legal way to drive and operate an automobile and then he will assist you in obtaining your driver license from the State of Illinois. His secondary occupation is to offer  Professional moving services. When you are ready please give him a call at 773 6543442 tell him Charles McShan referred him to you the C21 man.  From here there are only a few blocks left before we come across that street named Sheridan Road again. At the intersection of Sheridan Road, Devon and Broadway you are only 2 blocks away from the Shores of Lake Michigan.                      Now, this is a very interesting 3- way intersection and we will come back to this subject in a minute. On the Northeast side of Devon/Sheridan Road is the Huge Loyola University complex. This University procedes Eastward all the way to the shores of Lake Michigan. It also proceeds on the East side of Sheridan road Northbound for a few blocks. Click here for additional information on the school This area is very busy. You have a Senior citizen on the corner along with another Residential building in the final stages of construction. A  Target Department store occupies the first-floor and now is officially open. There are numerous fast food eateries and Businesses that support the area and the college students. If you are still on the 155 Devon bus you can get off the bus and board the CTA elevated train service at the Loyola train stop going Downtown or towards Evanston Il. There is also a brand new Hampton Inn Chicago in the area. Preceding Northward on Sheridan you will find College Dorms, Apartment, and Condo buildings. At 6836 N. Sheridan, you will find  Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizzeria. One Block North at  6935 N.Sherdian  you will find Leona’s Pizzeria and Restaurant. Besides Pizza, they also serve many American and Italian dishes and on Sunday they serve a great Brunch.

Now as a Real Estate Broker, Let’s talk about the buildings in and around Sheridan Road. From a Real Estate perspective, this area is rich with history. These Vintage units whether Rentals or Condos are huge. Built in the early 1900s these sort of units had the Living room in the front and the kitchen in the back part of the apartment. Some units have 2 Bathrooms, decorative fireplaces, pantries, plenty of closets, large dining rooms some also have Sunporches. Also, in the area are buildings that are called 4 in 1. They are 4 story units built on top of a concrete platform which allows parking to be on the street/ground level. Built in the 1960’s they have been the topics of many discussions. They were not just in Rogers Park they were also in other Chicago areas. For you, historians out there back in the day someone wrote an article on this subject. If you would like to read it, click the link at the end of this sentence, Go to features, scroll down to the 25th story and you will find  4 in 1 Article. For that interested, click here> T     There are not too many of these buildings still around but the ones still in Rogers Park are fully occupied.

Now the Eastern boundary of Rogers Park borders the shores of Lake Michigan, The Rogers Park area has 3 popular beaches. When I moved into this area I spent a lot of time at Leone Beach located at Greenleaf and Sheridan.Lake Michigan is a freshwater system which means no Sharks, Killer whales etc.etc. When I was young me and my brother used to play in the waters off of Jackson Park and Rainbow Beach on the South side. Did we feel safe? Yes,  Why? Because I knew there were no large fish out there that could eat us. Remember the movie Jaws? When I  traveled to the Oceanfront States I would not go into the waters off the shores of San Diego, Los Angles and especially San Francisco. I use to watch the Seals playing off the Bay but  I knew where there are Seals, there were Sharks. On the Eastern Shore, the same ruled applied. Every now and then there were Sharks off the Shores of Coney Island New York City. When I went fishing off the shores of Flordia with my friend he did not tell me until later that there were Alligators where we were fishing and hanging out. So as you can see that I was afraid to get into any body of water other than Lake Michigan.  So speaking of fishing a lot of people do not realize that there are various types of fish swimming in Lake Michigan? What type? Well, there are Perch, Salmon, Trout, Bluegills, Northern Pike, Catfish, Carp, Bass and another species year. You can fish for them year-round at Hartigan Beach also known as Pratt Ave beach. My friend along with other regulars fish there regularly. Some people do not believe that you can catch a big fish like a trout.  Go to youtube.com, type in Rogers Park Brown Trout Pratt pier Chicago Illinois USA and look at the Video. Lake Michigan fish are safe to eat.In regards to swim in the Summertime, the beaches are packed and are protected by lifeguards. You can swim when the weather is good but on days when there are rip currents, you are advised to stay out of the waters.  Continuing North on Sheridan you will reach Howard St.Now  Howard Street is the official border between the city of Chicago and the city of Evanston but on Sheridan Road, the border extends a few blocks more North where it meets Evanston by the  Calvary Cemetery. Also here you will find the last beach in the city of Chicago, it is called Rogers Beach Park located at  7705 N.Eastlake.

Now let’s go back an talk a little about Sheridan Road. This road was named after  Phillip Henry Sheridan a former Civil War General. Opposition to the construction of this road was part of the reason the West Ridge and the Rogers Park Areas started the Cabbage we talked about earlier. The West Ridge area did not want this street constructed the Rogers Park area wanted it built. In the end, Rogers Park got what they wanted,  Sheridan Road was built. Sheridan Road was one of the catalysts that sparked the development of Rogers Park. You can read more about that subject in the  February 5th, 2009 edition of the Readers Magazine and here is a link to that article.  Clickhttps://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/rogers park west ridge history Sheridan Road starts many miles on the South side of the city of Racine Wisconsin. From there winds it’s way into the state of Illinois and passes through some of the wealthiest Northern Shore Suburbs. It enters Chicago at the Evanston Border and becomes a 4 lane road. It proceeds South to 6400 North. where it intersects Devon Ave and Broadway. Here at 6400 North Sheridan turns East. Devon  Ave officially comes to an end. Since Sheridan road tuned to the left the street that continues Southbound now is now called Broadway. We will talk about Sheridan Road again in future Blogs because it continues into the communities of Edgewater and Uptown and it officially terminates in the Lakeview area. But one thing is sure, people with a Sheridan Road home address feel a good sense of pride because it is one of Chicago’s Premier streets.                                                                   Now if Sheridan Road is the elegant street of Rogers Park, Clark Street is the workhorse of The Neighborhood. Starting at Howard Street and Heading South Clark st.has plenty of Businesses. The Grocery Store Jewel anchors a strip mall that is connected to the CTA Rail/Transit terminal. More on that later. There are many other stores in this Mall. In regards to finding a good place to eat on Clark Street, there are all types of Ethnic Restaurants along with fast food places. Here are names of just a few.

1: 7124 N. Clark Safari Lounge and Ethiopian Cuisine A night -club casual spot serving Ethiopian- Caribbean food     with bar an music stage

2: Qaato Restaurant located at 7118 N.Clark. They serve Nigerian Dishes.

3: China Gourmet, Located at 7100 N.Clark st. They serve Chinese fast food they make good fruit Smoothies.

4: El Famous Burrito. Located at 7047 N.Clark. When I moved into this area years ago this was my choice for Mexican dishes.

5: Rocky Tacos located at 7043 N.Clark  Restaurant they too also Specialize in Mexican cuisine

6: A & T Restaurant located at 7036 N.Clark. When I moved into this area El Famous Burrito was my favorite dinner spot this place was my number 1 place for  Breakfast. They had then and still do have many Breakfast Specials along with  Lunch and Dinner.

7: Denden Restaurant. Located at 6635 N.Clark This Restaurant/Bar is open late and they serve Eritrean Dishes.

8: Taste of Peru. The name says it all. Food dishes from the country of Peru.

This takes us back to Devon Ave. and the Cozy Corner Restaurant on the other side of Devon which is located in the Edgewater area. Now before we leave Clark Street there are 3 special places of food interest. They are

1: Capt’n Nemo’s  Located at 7036 N.Clark They serve Subs Sandwiches, Soups and Chili.

2:  Romanian Kosher Sausage Company. This company has been in this spot for years and they sell an excellent selection of Kosher meat.   3. Do you love Ice Cream? Check out Paleteria. This Mexican Ice Cream place has a huge selection of Ice Cream goodies and they sell this year round regardless of the weather. They are located at 6649 N.Clark.There are other places to eat on Clark street an I am sorry that I could not mention all of them but you get the point. Along with other Business, there are plenty of ways to spend your money on Clark St.

Touhy Ave in other areas it is a Major Street, but in Rogers Park, it is just a normal street. Continuing west on Touhy you will enter the West Ridge area and soon you will be in the Suburbs with all it’s shopping and dining selections. Howard St in Rogers Park is the same. There are a few Small Business on both sides of Howard street along with a few eating places such as Buffalo Joe’s located at 1841 W.Howard St.  Morse Ave. is known for the Lifeline Theatre for Performing Arts located at 6912 N.Glenwood.There is the Mayne Stage available for hire at 1328 Morse. Are you hungry for Pizza when I moved into the area J.B. Alberto’s Pizza located t 1324 Morse was and still is the place to go for either a regular or a stuffed slice of pizza? Lunt Ave was home for many years to the Heartland Cafe. For over 40 years this area was popular with the Folk Music crowd. When I moved into the area this Restaurant was always crowded. Now the building is slated for demolition hopefully the Owner will be able to find another suitable location in this same area. The last main street is Ridge Blvd. This street is mainly residential with the only Major Business being the Cermank Grocery Store by Pratt Blvd. On the political front, long time Alderman Joe Moore has been replaced by due to voter election by newcomer Maria Hadden.

In regards to Transportation access. Ridge, Clark and Sheridan Road are streets that will connect you with Lake Shore Drive and to Downtown Chicago. For Public Transportation, The Metra North train line has a Station at Lunt Ave. going downtown and Northward for the North Shore Suburbs and eventually to Kenosha Wisconsin The CTA  has 4 Red Line stops in Rogers Park with the Main one being the  Red, Purple and Yellow line Terminal at Howard street that is connected to the Shopping Mall.  There are many CTA and Pace Buses also originating from this Terminal. There is The 147 Outerdrive express for express service to Downtown. The 22 Clark also provides service to Downtown Chicago. O’hare field is only 35 minutes away driving or by cab or rideshare service. Midway Airport is over an hour away. In regards to the Public and Private Schools in the Rogers Park area please go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogers_Park_Chicago.an you will find a lot of information on the schools there.  The Rogers Park area is bustling with activity and it is home to over 55,000 Residents. I spoke earlier on the homes an I will say it again The area has a huge abundance of Rental Buildings along with converted Condo complexes. There are also Townhomes, Lofts and Small, Medium, and Huge Single family homes. Owners of these Single Family homes tend to stay in them for quite a while but when they are ready to move there homes will be a delight to future Homeowners.

When I moved from the South side of Chicago I transplanted myself into this area. I was living here when The Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl. I was in this area along with living in the West Ridge area during the Chicago Bull’s dynasty and the Cub’s World Series. As a Real Estate Broker with Century 21 Universal, my job is to know the areas closes to me. Just Yesterday I showed a client an Apartment rental in the building that I spoke about in the beginning. The apartment brought back memories of the 1980s moved into. Think about it! When I moved in there back in the 1980’there was no internet, home computers, wi-fi or  Cell phones. If someone wanted to contact you they either paged your beeper or left a message on your recording device that was connected to your rotary or touch-tone phone. Time does fly but guess what? Some things remain the same, I still know my way around Rogers Park. I know the streets and if you need me in any Real Estate capacity, please contact me. My office is located at 7300 N.Western Ave Suite I Chicago Ill.60645.  I want to thank you for reading this blog an have a great day. If you have anything to say about the Rogers Park area please let your thoughts in the comment section.

I am going to let you in on a confession. I am not a professional writer let alone am I an expert in Blogging or to be exact I do not know anything about coding. I can safely say that I am slowly learning. Today is May 13th. I finish this Blog Post around a week after I published my West Ridge Post back around January. What took so long? My first post had links that did not open, Videos that did not play my Subscription pages did not work. The more things I tried to fix, the more things went wrong and If I did not hit that publish button when I did it I was ready to quit before I started. There were so many bugs to work out. I could not find anyone in Chicago to help me in person an the last time I allowed someone on the Internet to access my system I paid for it dearly. I was hacked, it took forever to reclaim my site. So thru trial and error, I solved the problems myself.  My subscription page with a free download is finally working so for an old guy I feel pretty good. I do not know why the area surrounding the Subscription area is Black but if I tried to solve that problem now, this Blog might not get posted until August. So with all, it’s faults I am going to hit the publish button now and I will continue working on my coding skills. If there is someone in the Chicago area who can help me in the future with these coding problems who I can meet in person I would really appreciate it. My next Blog will be on the Lincoln Square area. Truthfully speaking that was the first blog I wrote. I wrote that blog during the Christmas Holiday but I did not publish it because I wanted to do West Ridge area first and Rogers Park area second. I will now tweak that post an try to publish that one by next week. After that, I will mix it up with topics on Home Improvements, Real Estate, Lawn and Garden an countless other topics that I trust you will find enjoyable to read. In conclusion, Chicago like any other area has its problems but it also has its beauty. Rogers Park is a Beautiful area, come check it out you just might not leave. Take care until the next time

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