Hello again everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This is Charles McShan from Century 21Universal with my latest blog post entitled Chicago Landscaping and Gardening Ideas., Living here in Chicago our Summers are very short. It is already August, it is hot and soon the Air and Water show will let us know that Summer will be over by the end of September. Never the less whether you are a Homeowner or an apartment dweller the majority of us want our Summer exterior entrance to our living quarters as beautiful as possible. We achieve that by placing plants an flowers in our open areas. If you are a homeowner you have planted trees, shrubberies, and you have decked out your pathways.  Here in the West Ridge/Rogers Park area of Chicago, you can walk down some city blocks and before you enter a person’s home you will walk thru a pathway that resembles a paradise like the garden of Eden. When you look up in the air at the balconies of Condo/apartment buildings the same rules apply. You see many types of Plants vying for attention. This is not just in Chicago it is the world over. Humans have an instilled thought of peaceful conditions that only plants, trees, shrubbery, and other items can bring about. Normally by Mid-April or May, the majority of people have already prepared their lawn and Gardens for the summer. So if that is the case, why am I writing this blog in August? 
      It is because The gardening sections of Home Depot, Lowes, Menards are still packed with people buying items for their lawns and garden and their balconies so it is not too late to create your own paradise where you live. For a homeowner, your garden can have a special place for you and yours to relax with maybe a shady spot to stay cool when it is hot like now. For the Condo/apartment dweller the same rules apply. You might not have a front or back yard but your Balcony or even your back porch can be covered with plants and you can have that special chair to sit in as you view the Sunsets. You can put up screens for added privacy 
     So you homeowners out there, if you feel you have a green thumb and you are ready to plant something today do your homework first. If you live in the Chicago area find out what sort of plants is suitable for in the Chicagoland area? Well, there are 25  plants that due well in the Chicagoland area. This link will direct you to more information, please click on the sight, scroll to the gardening section. Click on the garden section, scroll to summer gardening, then to the buzz list to the lower right an click on the Midwestern plants.  Please click here  http://www.midwestliving.com   
  You can buy these plants at the above-mentioned big box stores or if you are in the Edgewater neighborhood please go to the Gethsemane Garden Center located at 5739 N.Clark Street. They have an excellent of everything including Cactus plants. You will really want to visit this place they do good business year-round. Please click this link http://www.gethsemanegardens.com  They also have an excellent selection of Trees, Shrubs and indoor flowers and plants. These trees, Shrubbery, Plants, and Flowers are a gift of God. They inhale the Caron Dioxide that all animals exhale and then exhale the Oxygen necessary for animals to survive on this Earth. 
          For Condos an Apartment dwellers with balconies,  Plants can really brighten up your unit. Here are a couple of articles that could be of interest to you Please click here https://www.fnp.com/blog/beautify-balcony-with-plants.  2: https://balconygardenweb.com/apartment-balcony-decorating-ideas/ Your balcony could be big with a view of the city or water or it can be small with a very limited view, either way, it is your special place where you can be on the outside of your property. With that being the case make your balcony unique and your special place to get away.  For you, high risers/apartment dwellers and homeowners out there who also are thinking about growing their own vegetables in there back yard or balcony here is an article on how you go about doing just that. Please click here  http://www.almanac.com/vegetable-gardening-for-beginners.   You just have to find a way to keep the animals away from digging up the goodies.
      Now, if you just purchased a single-family home or a townhouse home when you look at your front and back yard you might say to yourself I do not like the way my lawn looks. I want to make my yard look reflect my dreams. Well, the first thing you must do is to come up with a plan and how much that plan will cost. Whether it is the front yard, the back yard or both you will have to get an estimate on how much your plan will cost and if it will fit your budget. If you have a family you can make this a family affair and keep the cots down by preparing your yard slowly. After all, you will be living there hopefully for quite a while so don’t rush it.
Since it is August it might be too late to plant summer plants so you should prepare for the Autumn season First thing first whether you live in Chicago, New York, Seattle or Flordia you must get to know the climate zone you live in an then buy plants that will survive in your region. To help you with Landscaping ideas this article could be a benefit to you. There are many articles on the Front yard, the back yard numerous ways to maintain and beautify both ways to  Please click on the link an when you get to the site type in the search bar landscaping my front/back lawn. http://bhg.com/gardening/design/styles/planning-your-front -yard-landscape/
           If you want to plant a tree please click here https://www.rwhendricksenco.com/when-should-plant-tree-chicago/   When I was young my  Aunt had a pear tree in her back yard. Just yesterday I was in my client’s back yard and they had an apple tree in their yard. Would you like to watch a fruit tree take roots in your yard? Please read this article by clicking here.https://www.wikihow.com/plant-fruit-trees 
Some people have asked the question, How often should I mow my yard? Well, I tried to link that question to an Article but the link will not work so if you go to www.the daily gardener .com how often to mow the lawn you will get your answer. The same rule applies to how often should I water my lawn. Please go to www.scotts.com basic lawn watering tips.when is the best time to water your lawn. In the Midwest, winter brings barren yards but if you have evergreen plants or trees in your front and back yard it can really make a winter scene come true but you must do your homework and pick the right ones for your area. For those homebuyers who recently closed on their homes. If the evergreen tree is what you wish to plant then you should plant it before November and since at the time of this writing it is August 2019 you should start looking into it now.    
      Now, this blog basically covered The grass, trees, shrubbery and plant life in your yard. That leaves other topics such as placing walkways in your lawns, adding additional lighting, drainage systems decks, canopies, sheds for future blog posts. But, you do not have to wait for those posts. Right now you can go if you go to my Pinterest account you will see tips on the Lawn and Garden, pathways and lighting for lawns tips on how to enhance your home’s exterior lawns. My Pinterest contact information is below.
In conclusion, the majority of us love our homes. We keep the interior clean we want our exterior to be the same way I hope by writing this post it will help you to make your  Single-family home, your Townhome, Condo, Co-op, or your rental unit into that planted paradise that you desire it to be. My name is Charles McShan.I am a Real Estate Broker with Century 21 Universal. My office is located at 7300 N.Western Ave Suite I Chicago Ill.60645.Thank you an have a nice day and enjoy this Summer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sincerely

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