Greetings everyone, My name is Charles McShan and welcome to my about me page. I am a Real Estate Broker with Century 21 Universal. My office is located at 7300 N.Western Ave. Suite I Chicago Il.60645. I have been married for over 23 years.  My wife works in a local hospital, secondly, my oldest daughter is married and works for the city of Chicago. Lastly, my sons are in college. My hobbies include fishing, reading, working out, bike riding, and enjoying the sights and sounds of the city of Chicago. More importantly, I also do community work in the area letting people know that good things are soon going to happen to this world.

More About My Youth

         As a youth growing up in Chicago I got to know the areas outside of my neighborhood by riding the Chicago Transit Authority networks of buses and subway and elevated trains. I rode these trains and buses far and wide. I knew each model change of bus and train equipment of the CTA. As a youth, the CTA was the way I got to know Chicago and some of its suburbs and I was impressed with the architecture of the city.

Life As An Adult       

       As an adult, I did not directly go into the field of real estate I became a transportation specialist. While I do not ride the buses and trains as much today, I am still used to the majority of the neighborhoods. So now late in life, I became a real estate broker. I love the idea of helping people buy and sell their homes in the Chicago area. That is my motto and this letter about me is the introduction to my real estate blog.

Thanks for reading with me! Make sure to stay in touch.

       Hopefully, this blog will help people as they address their real estate needs now or in the future. I will cover a wide range of topics back Chicago and the neighborhoods in which we live in. I hope you find some of the information useful to you. So sit back and enjoy this journey with me and in the end, if I have helped you with any problems pertaining to real estate then it will have been worth it. If you wish you can visit my  Website by clicking the link below

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