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local home and garden improvements
Subway train – Transportation in Chicago, IL. The city is visible in the background

 This is of the city of Chicago, my home town. This photo shows a CTA L train leaving the downtown area making its way into various local areas. My blog, like the L train, will venture into the Chicago areas with insight into housing, local events, home, and garden improvements. So as they say on the train “The doors are closing” sit back and enjoy the ride!

Meanwhile, as you ride this train you might look out the window and say! I like that Home, Condo, Rental unit or Commerical Property or you have to sell your property. If and when that time comes I am here. Now, you might be asking if why would I choose you or Century 21 for that matter to represent me? That is a good question, let me give you a good reason. Let me do better than that.  Here are 21 Reasons Why A Seller Choose Myself/Century 21 Universal To Represent Them

1; Name recognition the Century 21 Brand.

2:This name recognition brings the following.

3: Known internationally in over 71 lands.

4:Over 121.000 agents worldwide.

5: Global and Regional Training of Agents

6: Worldwide relocation service Multilingual

Century 21 Universal Locally

7:Great location, minutes to downtown, .surrounding Neighborhoods and Suburbs.

8:Over 80 Brokers working as a team with many speaking more than 1 Language and that means we will get the message out to everyone that a new home is on the market.

9: Constant training in the office.

10: Office is open 7days a week and is open late for your convenience.

11:Even though we operate as individuals we act as a group and talk about each other listings.

12: We do Brokers tours.

13: We operate with a code of Ethics.

How do we bring Satisfaction to our Clients

14:We use the multiple listing service

15: We use preferred lenders.

16:We have a lead generation system.

17:We also find rental properties for our clients.

18: Our listings are advertised on over 500 different websites world-wide.

19 We use professional Real Estate signs. and use all the latest technology to get your home sold as soon as possible

20: We have the Century 21 Sellers Pledge.

21: We have the Century 21 Buyers pledge

.Those were the 21 reasons why you should contact me. If you agree that I can help you please contact me. If you wish to visit my website please click here > Here.